Electrical Projects

Electrical projects can be defined in various ways, some clients would say a part rewire to a building constitutes as an electrical project and some would say that a three quarter million pound electrical installation would constitute as one.

One thing for certain is that PC Electrical UK Ltd undertakes the smallest and largest of projects with the same professional service and dedication that has made our reputation unsurpassable.

Site management is critical when carrying out projects, especially where the project involves other service providers. A fixed and focused approach to working to time and budget is adopted by the PC Electrical team when achieving our client’s goals.


With our hands on approach each part of the management team will at some stage be involved with each of the projects we undertake. Site supervisors, team leaders, operations director and the managing director will all be involved in each of our projects.

Here are some of our commitments to you..

We Will:

  • Complete works to budgetary requirements
  • Complete works to given time frames
  • Complete works to Clients detailed Specification
  • Complete works to NIC EIC Regulations
  • Complete works within Health & Safety Guidelines