Go Green

Everyone has gone green mad, carbon neutral, eco friendly and ethical towards the planet. It’s all good news but PC Electrical has taken the need for change further.

Go Green is a methodical programme designed for commercial, public sector and other institutions and organisations to adopt an activity plan to deliver common sense savings by being greener. Initially PC Electrical will conduct a fully FREE audit of any requested workplace, office complex or building and using the latest equipment can measure usage and related cost of the main outputs of that electrical supply. Lighting is the main area where instant savings can be made and with careful planning and the detailed report we compile FREE a business can in most cases offset any capital expenditure within the same financial year. With regular conversations and information trade with Carbon Trust and other organisations there are always opportunities for soft loans and grants that can be applied.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Reduce Energy Bills
  • Reduces Carbon footprint
  • Equipment can be used for existing or new installations
  • Can be installed without disruption
  • No reduction in quality of lighting output.

It’s the simple things in life that are the easiest and most effective. So what could be simpler than completing your details below and making a headway in saving for your future.